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Live video can be projected, distributed or streamed. From a single camera at a conference, to multi-camera, switched feeds, live video depends on safe hands and careful planning and execution.

Live video for events, seminars, awards and more

Live video feeds can take many forms and have numerous applications, it can add polish to an event or be used as a remote viewing vehicle for round table discussions, it can be relatively simple or more involved muti-camera productions, whatever the application, it is important to have an experienced crew running the show.


We've all watched live broadcasts with satellite trucks, huge support crews and equally huge expense. Well, with the use of broadband connections live video can now be distributed worldwide with relatively small budgets.


Awards & Events

Awards& events are a bit of a specialty of ours, often we make films for screening at events, run live feeds to projectors and LCD screens as well as film the events for a commemorative or promotional DVD package. No hassle, no fuss, just how you like it.


Seminars & Webinars

We've shot pre-record VT presentations for seminars, captures of steering groups for reference and compliance and live webinars with on-line contributors, with modern businesses operating globally, webinars are a cost effective way of communicating with staff at all levels.




Our Clients

  • NHS
  • Endemol
  • MTV
  • Gloucestershire Media
  • UCAS