Camera ImagePost-production

Post-production can make or break a video production, in many ways it's where the magic happens. Modern post production is not just about the edit, it's about the motion graphics, colour grading, sound design as well as the less sexy but equally important encoding techniques.


Post-production starts with the edit, this sets the pace, texture and feel of your finished project. This is just the start though, every shot is colour graded, every graphic reproduced to the best quality possible, then there's the sound and music...


This is often the most creative part of the process but it does need careful handling and great quality shots and sound in the first place to take your production from a medeocre, run of the mill corporate video into an engaging film that can inform, engage, educate and motivate the viewer.


Being creative is great but at the end of the post-production process you will need the best possible delivery method, this can be for online delivery, DVD, solid state or for digital projection, it all needs a digital encode with the utmost integrity.



Our Clients

  • NHS
  • Endemol
  • MTV
  • Gloucestershire Media
  • UCAS